We offer the following services:

In addition, we are skilled in the installation of difficult technical features such as lace and swept valley details and other rare occurrences on old buildings.

All of our materials are sourced locally to suit the contractual needs.  We have a well-stocked yard of quality, second-hand Kent peg tiles, Welsh natural slate and much more to assist you in your project, where required.

Tenterden Roofing Kent Peg Tiling

Kent Peg and Clay Tiling

Used locally for hundreds of years, Kent Peg and Clay Tile are two of the most recognisable roof coverings in the local area.

Most of our conservation work is in Kent Peg or Clay tile roofing. We are experts in all areas of this discipline, with over 30 years of historic and heritage roofing experience.

The way we work is sympathetic to old buildings and we are proud of every project we work with. We really do take care of our roofing projects, which makes us specialists in Kent Peg and Clay tile roofing conservation.

Tenterden Roofing Slating

Natural and Artificial Slating

Natural slate roof tiles are an attractive, durable material, with a small carbon footprint and a natural finish. They are ideal for a range of heritage and historic roofing projects, and are a popular choice for lower pitched roofs.

Artificial slate is ideal for those on tighter budgets, and is aesthetically pleasing to make your roofing project stand out.

Our roofing tilers have access to a wide range of natural and artificial slate tiles and can discuss your needs and choices on-site or by telephone.

Tenterden Roofing Vertical Tiling

Vertical Tiling

A common sight, especially in the Weald. Tile cladding is one of the best ways to weather walls. It is also a very attractive look, especially popular on period properties.

Tenterden Roofing Roof Window

Roof Window Installation

We provide completion roof window installation solutions. Aesthetically pleasing, and providing a large amount of light, our roof window installations are perfect for loft conversions.

Tenterden roofing Mathematical Tiling

Mathematical Tiling

From 1784-1850 there was a brick tax. In order to get around this mathematical tiles were invented. Effectively a form of cladding over a timber-framed building, but with the appearance of brickwork.

They are especially popular on period properties in Sussex and Kent where they are still a common sight.

Our roofing and tile experts have a wealth of experience with mathematical tiling and are well equipped to take care of your tiling project.

Tenterden Roofing Cedar Shingling

North American and Oak Shingling

Mainly prevalent in North America, Scandinavia and Eastern Europe. Shingles are sawn from straight, knot free sections of wood. Shakes are split from a bolt and are more rustic in appearance. Ideal for buildings requiring a light roof load, hence why they are more common in countries with heavy snowfall. Bundles of character, but do require slightly more maintenance than other coverings.

Tenterden Roofing Concrete Interlocking Tiling

Concrete Plain and Interlocking Tiling

The most modern roofing material. Cost effective, durable; there are a wide range of products on the market to suit nearly all roofing applications. Speak to our team today to discuss the best roofing solution for your property.

Tenterden Roofing Bargeboards, Soffits And Fascia

Fascia, Soffits & Bargeboards

The fascia is the horizontal board at the base of a roof. It primarily supports the first course of tiles, and is where the gutter is normally fitted to. The soffit is attached to the fascia underneath and boxes in the area underneath the rafter feet or trusses. It is normally ventilated to prevent condensation and increase airflow to the roof void.

Finally, bargeboards are found on a gable end. They have evolved into many shapes and sizes over the years, with some being very decorative.

Tenterden Roofing Leadwork

Comprehensive, Quality Leadwork Services to LSA Standards

The best roofing material available. If fitted correctly, lead sheet will outlast the building it is protecting.

We are able to undertake all leadwork including, chimney flashings, valley gutters and flat roofs to a LSA standards.