If You Have Kent Peg Tiles, You Need a Kent Peg Roofer

Kent peg tiling is a traditionally English affair – like fish and chips, red phone boxes, or complaining about the weather. And like all these things, a quaint, charming facade hides a much more complex and deeply integrated system beneath.


Fish and chips seems simple. But all those complex flavours (fatty, vinegary) and textures (crunchy, tender) are what make it work so well. You don’t see a lot of phone boxes these days – but those simple red beacons once connected us to the whole world.


And we all like to moan about the weather, without ever trying to understand the complex global systems that govern it.


Kent peg roofing is just another example of this simple yet not-so-simple trope of Englishness. Clay tiles with holes in them, held up with pegs. Simple enough to grasp – very hard to do properly.


And while the tile size and colour depends on the region, the techniques and craft involved are always similar. No matter the style, Kent peg roofing creates a distinctive and charming appearance – with natural hues from locally sourced material, and an “imperfectly perfect” undulating surface. That look is as much art as it is science.


So, when it comes to maintaining and repairing historic roofing, it’s important to hire a specialist Kent peg roofer. Here’s why:

Why hire a specialist Kent peg roofer?


Kent Peg roofers have extensive knowledge and experience working with this specific type of roofing. Tenterden Roofing has been doing it since 1984, with the skills passed down to us generationally.


A generalist roofer would probably still be able to source authentic tiles – actually, anybody could with a bit of Googling! But the historical authenticity of your building comes down to technique just as much as material. A specialist Kent peg roofer will understand, from experience, what methods work, as well as the best workflow to get the job done. This doesn’t just mean faster results – but more structurally sound and architecturally accurate ones.

Built to last

As a specialist Kent peg roofer, we know what it takes to make a heritage roof last – and why it’s important to preserve historic buildings. We’ve been around enough of them to know the warning signs of imminent failure, and the construction methods that have lasted for generations. This knowledge all adds up to extending the life of your roofing.

Why can’t any roofer do it?

Generic roofers may not be the right fit for repairing or replacing Kent peg tiling, because it’s a very rare craft, with a specific set of skills and techniques that aren’t used in modern roofing. These skills are practically handed down orally and learned on the job, from roofer to roofer.


A generalist roofer may be great at working on most types of roofing, and probably all modern types. But it’s highly unlikely that they’ll have the necessary expertise to properly repair or replace Kent peg roofing in a way that maintains its historical authenticity.


And that’s important, because historical preservation allows us to appreciate and understand the history and culture of our shared spaces. Buildings with Kent peg tiling are an important part of our local cultural heritage – and we want to preserve them for future generations.


That starts with keeping the traditions and methods alive, by using specialists. Not only do you get a better, faster, longer-lasting result – but you keep a little part of history alive. And, by supporting roofers like our team at Tenterden Roofing, you help to ensure we’re around long enough to keep that knowledge going, from generation to generation

Specialist Kent Peg Roofers since 1984

Tenterden Roofing is a heritage-grade Kent peg roofer, based in Kent. See our latest work on Instagram – and contact us for a quote at [email protected]