Roof Repairs: What Can Go Wrong with Kent Peg Tiles?

Kent peg tiles are beautiful, hardwearing and good for the environment. But like any other roofing material, Kent peg tiles are not totally indestructible or free of problems. Things can (and do) go wrong with Kent peg roofs – even with proper care and maintenance.

Let’s go over the common reasons we’re called in for Kent peg tile roof repairs, problems you might encounter, and why maintaining your Kent peg tiled roof is so important.

Common Kent Peg tiled roof failures

Storm damage

All roofing, Ket peg or otherwise, is susceptible to storm damage. High winds are the main culprit, and storms that are strong enough to blow down fences are likely to pick off some roof tiles on your street, too.

The fact that Kent peg tiles overlap and are nailed down means that they have a fair amount of resilience in the wind – but they’re not indestructible. A powerful storm can dislodge tiles, leaving your roof vulnerable to leaks and water damage. Inspecting your roof after a storm is so important, and can save you a lot of hassle and damage down the line.

Insurers do cover storm damage, but only if a roof is well maintained. If your insurance company can prove that the root cause of failure is lack of maintenance or wear and tear (basically, that the roof was essentially done for in the event of a storm, and no attempt was made to secure it) – then cover may be declined.

Frost damage

Old England is no stranger to the cold. And frost can pose a significant threat to Kent peg tiled roofing.

Although the natural clay that Kent peg tiles are made from is a brilliant waterproofing material, it is slightly porous – so it does absorb a small amount of water, particularly on the weather-facing side.

When the water absorbed by the clay freezes, it expands. Over the course of a winter, repeated freezing and thawing can stress the material, weakening it, and causing the outer layers of the tile to crack off. Over time, this can compromise the roof’s ability to shed water effectively.

Regular inspections in the colder months can help you identify any potential frost damage, so you can repair the roof in good time.

Rusted nails

Rusty nails are super tricky to identify, because they’re hidden away. But a failed nail can lead to a domino effect of issues – literally! One falling tile can take others with it, damaging the roof on the way down. Inspecting and replacing rusted nails is a part of routine maintenance that should not be overlooked, but it takes a professional to get up there and check things out.

Treated nails can be used, as well as aluminium nails – and while not traditional, remember that these tiles used to be secured with wooden pegs (hence the name), which were far less sturdy than nails!

It’s not all exclusive to Kent peg tiled roofs…

It’s important to note that many of the problems discussed here are not unique to Kent peg tiles. Storm damage, frost damage, and rusted nails can affect plenty of other roofing materials. This just highlights how important it is to get your roof checked over by someone who knows period and heritage roofing well – and to have maintenance carried out by a properly trained professional.

The power of maintenance

How do you stop your roof failing? Well, you can’t stop the forces of nature… But the answer to this question is always regular maintenance. Powerful storms might still do a number on your property – but to even stand a chance of getting your buildings insurance to cover it, the roof has to be in good shape, assessed by a professional, with a receipt to prove it.


Choosing a Kent peg roofer who specialises in the maintenance of these unique tiles is your best bet.


So there you have it; prevention is better than the cure!

Specialist Kent Peg roof tile repairs

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